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Sản xuất gạch bông

“Manufacturing cement tiles is an art form, passed down from generation to generation. Each piece that comes out of the workshop bears not only the Eureka logo on the back, but also the pride of each individual craftsman. For them, the tile represents the fruit of their labour and the heritage of a tradition”

Production Process

Step 1: Customizing colors and divider molds and pressing molds based on orders.

Step 2: Insert divider molds into pressing molds. Then pouring the prepared colors into the pattern divider chambers as designs.

Step 3: The pattern divider to be removed and then the first coat will be covered with another two layers of dried mortars and humidified one as basement.

Step 4: Put whole mold into 120-ton hydraulic pressing machine for a while.

Step 5: The tiles to be removed from molds carefully by the craftsman.

Step 6: After 24 hours of curing in clean open air areas, tiles will be dipped into water tanks.

Step 7: The tiles will be cleaned and taken out to cooling rooms and put on drying racks for 3-4 days for being dried enough before waxing and packing in carton boxes for loading. A serious quality control on every piece will be conducted in this step.

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